“Europe, a culture of shared causes ?”

Summary of Panel Discussions prepared by COEUR Staff and Heinrich Maetzke
25 February 1999 – Schloss Bellevue, Berlin

Panel Discussion Speakers

Opening remarks 

*Roman Herzog, President of the Federal Republic of Germany
*Helmut Maucher, Chairman of COEUR


Panel I

Theme: Central and Eastern Europe liberated after forty years of totalitarian rule

*Vaclav Havel, President of the Czech Republic
*Bronislaw Geremek, Foreign Minister of Poland
*György Konrád, Hungarian author. President Berlin Academy of Arts
*André Glucksmann, French philosopher, author
Moderator: Timothy Garton Ash, British author, fellow of St Anthony’s College, Oxford

Panel II

Theme: Western Europe after forty years of freedom and prosperity

*Romano Prodi, former Prime Minister of Italy, President designate of the European Commission
*Alexandre Lamfalussy, Belgian, former President of the European Monetary Institute
*Klaus Hänsch, German MEP, former President of the European Parliament
*David Puttnam, British film producer
*Juan Luis Cebrián, Spanish, CEO of Grupo Prisa/EI Pais
Moderator: Daniel Tarschys, Swedish, Secretary General of the Council of Europe