Where next for the european council ?

By David Harrison (*)

“In such constitutions there are two parts […]: first, those which excite and preserve the reverence of the population – the dignified parts, if I may so call them; and next, the efficient parts – those by which it, in fact, works and rules.” (Walter Bagehot, 1867: “The English Constitution”)

Europe: decline and fall ?

By David Harrison and Philip Ward*

“In a dying civilisation, political prestige is the reward not of the shrewdest diagnostician but of the man with the best bedside manner. It is the decoration conferred on mediocrity by ignorance.”
(Eric Ambler: The Mask of Dimitrios)

(* David Harrison is a lawyer, author, former diplomat and deputy director of the Council on European Responsibilities (COEUR). Philip Ward is an investment banker and member of the steering committee of COEUR).

Reflexion sur les rapports entre l’Islam et l’Europe

By Jean Guyot

“Comme l’indique son nom, les objectifs de la Fondation COEUR sont centrés sur la notion de responsabilité de l’Europe. C’est ce qui fait son originalité : il ne s’agit pas d’un nouvel organisme s’ajoutant à tous ceux qui travaillent sur la construction de l’Europe…”