COEUR is a privately funded, not-for-profit foundation, dedicated to promoting Europe as a force for peace, political stability, cultural values and economic progress in the new globalized world.

Europeans have, since the end of the Second World War, initiated the bold and unique experiment of bringing together old rival nation states of their free will rather than by force. Although Europeans share a centuries-old cultural heritage, a rare degree of freedom, democracy, justice and high standards of living, many still remain rift by localized conflicts of nationality, language and religion. New kinds of social, economic, security and environmental risks have replaced the dark but simpler menace of the cold war. Europe’s leaders face slow growth, high unemployment and national indebtedness to pay for high levels of social protection.

Although many of Europe’s citizen are enthusiastic, in spite of the successful launch of the Euro some are disillusioned with “Europe”. They do not perceive the uniting of Europe as positively as they did during the post-war decades of high economic growth and political idealism. Some see European integration as a threat to their livelihoods, national sovereignties and traditions.

It is the credibility of Europe for Europeans themselves which is at stake, not the progress of institutional mechanisms. Europe has a value of its own and, if the notion of being European is to have any substance, there is an urgent need to focus more on the people of Europe – and to explain more broadly why and how Europe should be united – rather than only on economic and political technicalities. COEUR is being established to meet that need.

COEUR will act as a “continuous conference” through its website on which may be published contributions received from persons or institutions interested and active in the debate about the future of Europe. COEUR will convene occasional symposia and produce occasional papers on major issues concerning the construction of Europe. (See Contacts)